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Everything You Need to Know about
the Jackson Hole Rodeo

Bronc Rider
Jackson Hole comes alive during the summertime with adventuring through National Parks, whitewater rafting down the Snake River, horseback riding through the mountains, and nights at the rodeo. One of our favorite summer pastimes is the Jackson Hole Rodeo, which has been a summer tradition in the valley for over 120 years! Embrace the spirit of the West with nights full of bull riding, barrel racing, calf roping, and much more.

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A Brief Background of the Jackson Hole Rodeo
The rodeo and Jackson Hole have always been intertwined, arriving with the first settlers over 100 years ago. The first group of settlers, led by Sylvester Wilson, arrived in Jackson Hole in 1890. By the early 1900s, a genuine rodeo was in place, complete with a racetrack and grandstand. 120 years later, the Wilson family continues the tradition of the historic rodeo every year from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.
We invite you to experience the Western heritage of Jackson Hole at the rodeo this summer!

Know Before You Go
The Jackson Hole Rodeo is held at the Teton County Fairgrounds every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday throughout the summer. The rodeo begins at 8 pm, but you are encouraged to arrive early in order to beat the crowds and avoid the lines. We also recommend buying your tickets online to save time at the gates!
If you have any other questions refer to the need to know and FAQ pages.

Events at the Jackson Hole Rodeo
If you've never been to a rodeo, you may be wondering what to expect. Professional rodeos consist of roughstock and timed events, such as:

  • Bronc Riding: This competition includes participants trying to stay on the back of a horse that is attempting to throw off the rider.
  • Bareback Bronc Riding: This is the more challenging version of traditional Bronc riding, where cowboys ride one-handed for eight seconds.
  • Bull Riding: This dangerous event involves a rider getting on a bucking bull to hold on for at least eight seconds!
  • Barrel Racing: This event combines a horse's athletic ability with the rider's horsemanship skills to maneuver around barrels in the fastest time!
  • Calf Roping: This timed event aims for the rider to rope a calf, dismount from the horse, and restrain the calf in the fastest time.
  • Breakaway Roping: This is a similar event to calf roping, where the calf is roped but not thrown and tied.
  • Team Roping: This team event consists of two mounted riders with a header who ropes the front of the steer and a heeler who ropes the feet.

If you want to elevate your night at the rodeo, sign up for the VIP Experience. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to watch the rodeo from behind the chutes and meet the contestants. Please call 307-413-1371 for more information!

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